A Little About Me

Living in NYC since the mid 80’s influenced my art in many ways. After graduating from Boston University with a BFA in Painting, I worked as a freelance illustrator for The New York Times, editorial magazines, and The New Yorker (sample below). Eventually, I moved on from freelance illustration to graphic design in advertising.

After years of design work, classes at The New York Academy of Art redirected my focus toward oil painting again. Alyssa Monks was one of my inspiring teachers at the academy. I studied with Alyssa, on and off, for about 10 years. Her dynamic expression in oils and great direction inspired me to create my own dialogue with the canvas.

Aside from art, I’m also passionate about cooking and healthy eating. This food obsession led me to culinary school in 2002 at The Institute of Culinary Education. I’ve worked in several NYC restaurants, but over time, I preferred working as a personal chef.

Also, I recently became a Health Coach through the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. Aside from eating organic, exploring inner passions can be a centering part of a healthy lifestyle. For me, being able to express myself through art is nourishing.

Cooking and painting are a big part of my life. From farmers markets, I often use what I bring home for subject matter. Colorful peppers, tiny eggplants, bizarre gourds, for example—all so beautiful!

Current Work

I love spending time in nature and Central Park is so close, I consider it my back yard. It dazzles me with its variety of flowers and trees and I constantly feel renewed and inspired after exercising there. My recent work of experimental expression interprets some of this inspiration. Thanks for viewing!

New Yorker illustration of Joan Jett

New Yorker charcoal illustration of Joan Jett

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